Picword 1.3

Log in with picture password, a new and modern way of logging in to your computer.

Log in with picture password, a new and modern way of logging in to your computer.

Picword is a simple app that allows users to log in to their computers in a new modern fashion. Your goal is to lock the screen once by putting targets on the selected picture. Targets can be Single click, Long click and Connect. All of these are self-explanatory and intuitive. If a user cannot unlock his computer, a pin number is provided for removing the Picword. As this is not an ordinary login system, users can create numerous combinations of targets, i.e. a good practice is to put targets on people's faces, eyes, noses or other easily recognizable body parts.

This software is made for any system, not only for some of the systems. It uses Java runtime and some other libraries, all combined together in an intuitive and easy-to-use product for logging in to your computer.

This is meant for all types of users, no age or other restrictions. Everyone wants to make themselves more productive with some utilities which are intuitive and easy-to-use.



Picword 1.3

User reviews about Picword

  • Ciprios20030

    by Ciprios20030

    "Cool app!"

    Cool app! I really liked the previous version but it lacked a lot of features, now it's much better!.   More.

  • useregq39715

    by useregq39715

    "Great app, waiting for the update !"

    It's not meant to replace your login screen. It's a program like every other, and the latest version will have more s...   More.

  • majorgs15

    by majorgs15

    "Great idea, poorly documented and executed. NOT for Login."

    Agree - lack of documentation/user guide is disappointing - you can't tell when you set the password, you can't tell ...   More.

  • Grushdeva

    by Grushdeva

    "Interesting concept, needs more meat on the bones though."

    Be careful. The program has no actual controls to create a method of logging in. It works for something to run and ...   More.